FUN! Can it build community resilience?

For Transition Town Groups all over the UK keeping up the momentum and growing the movement is one of the biggest challenges. A solution proposed by a member of Bournemouth TT is “do what you enjoy and are passionate about. It’s the only way not to burn out.”

Totnes TT advertise their Arts Group as inclusive, imaginative, practical and FUN.

Transition Town Totnes is the UK's first town exploring how to prepare for a carbon constrained, energy lean world.
Within this the arts have an extensive role to play, in allowing temporary spaces, time and practical projects to explore, engage, experience, enthuse and empower. The arts allow us all to evolve the new paradigms for thinking, feeling, relating; creating and living as part of a community facing challenges together.
• Explore and expand our own practices
• Encourage and support the TTT community
• Engage the rest of the local community. The Arts group is currently in discussion about its next stages, for more info contact the office.

It sounds like the TTT Arts Group is helping to build community resilience by getting people talking, creating and having fun.